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The Pemberton Murders

Mystery authors tend to employ intrigue, suspense, and excitement in their mystery stories, in their efforts to please their readers, and few succeed better than Don E. Finegold.

The author spent nearly 50 years in the leather industry, and upon his retirement, decided to fulfill a life-long dream — write in his favorite genre, the murder mystery.

His third murder mystery, The Pemberton Murders, relates the life of a woman living with the onus her husband was a serial killer. She alone believes in her husband’s innocence, and that he was a victim rather than the murderer. The evidence indicated otherwise. After years of hardship and frustration, she reads about Forensics and the increased use of DNA—and a special type, Mitochondrial DNA—that she feels would be especially useful in proving her husband innocent. She seeks help from a Private Investigator… and lays out a possible scenario that he attempts to discredit, but she has a plausible answer for all his doubts, and he accepts her premise. An awakening begins.

Finegold locates his murder mystery stories on the Massachusetts North Shore and uses landmarks familiar to a host of New England area readers. But it’s the murder mystery itself that draws the interest of the fans of mystery authors. How many times will you change your mind before you settle on your final solution, and will you be right?

Enjoy this fast-paced, fast-reading murder mystery and look for other intriguing mystery stories by the author.


I’ve read all three of Donald E. Finegold’s books and find this one to be the very best. Someone may have gotten away with triple murders but due to forensics the plot thickens. A very readable book with twists and turns as one reads. What a great way to spend a rainy afternoon or an afternoon at the beach. I now am looking forward to his next book.

Jerry R., Swampscott MA

From the moment I started reading this book, I could not put it down. I stayed up many a late night because it was so captivating. Quite frankly, I was disappointed it had to end. It was a wonderful conclusion to Don Finegold’s second novel — or is it the conclusion? I’ve read all of Don Finegold’s books to date and can’t wait for more. This is a must read for mystery lovers and readers of other genres.

Ellen W., Tampa FL

[The Pemberton Murders is] a fantastic story put together with well-crafted words and phrases. It was a very absorbing tale that would not allow me to put the book down.

Ed E., Charlotte NC

I read your book and I enjoyed it very much. I liked the way you worked your old buddies into it. Your usage of the lyrics of an old Alan Sherman tune in describing a sandwich warmed the cockles of my heart.

Irv B., Denver CO

I really enjoyed spending the whole day reading the latest murder mystery. Don is a credit to his endeavors in the literary world. Few people can claim to have accomplished similar contributions in their lifetime.

Charlie L., Cincinnati OH