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The Israeli Caper

The kidnapping of the wife of a Greek billionaire on vacation in Israel brings psychic Private Investigator Samantha Robbins to Jerusalem to assist in her rescue. Samantha must not only deal with frustrated, skeptical Israeli police but with the irate husband of the kidnapped woman. The knowledge that Mafia individuals may be involved only increases the complexities Samantha faces. When the kidnappers flee to the United States, the hunt continues and more people die. Devious, murderous individuals attempt to outwit one another, and broken promises and double-dealings become the name of the game.


You did it again! The book was exciting, intriguing, with just the right amount of sizzle in it. I couldn’t put it down. Don’t know how you managed an international mystery, as I have enough trouble keeping my story in the states, but you did a wonderful job and I couldn’t put the book down. Thanks for sending it to me. Happy Passover.

Barbara C.