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The Investigator

The Investigator introduces a woman who is many things: bright, pretty, and gifted. Her gift (or perhaps curse) is occasional periods of clairvoyance.

Is her mysterious background the reason for her gift? Will it lead her to right the wrongs she discovers in her work as a Private Investigator, and will she herself become a target if her secret is discovered? Samantha Robbins and her friend Detective Arthur Lite team up in this fast-paced mystery thriller in an attempt to thwart a terrorist attack and catch a New England serial killer.


This book is awesome! I couldn’t put it down. I read it in one day. So much for housework! I was intrigued from the very beginning. It was a little “spicy” and had a great ending. Reading it was pure enjoyment.

Arlene J., Sykesville MD

This book had me enthralled all the way through. I almost guessed at the killer, but not until almost the very end. It kept me occupied all the way to Denver last weekend with only about 25 pages left to read when I got there.

Pam I., Charlotte NC