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The Pact

Does anger and bigotry justify murder? Are three boys involved in a killing spree? Can we find out who—and why—and stop the carnage?


Revenge is an intricate tale depicting the end-game of a long-lasting animosity between two wealthy, ego-driven men. Each one devises a plan to deal with the other by brutal means. The talented, clairvoyant Private Investigator, Samantha Robbins, attempts to prevent mayhem—and murder!


A shot rings out in the darkened bedroom and David Ransom falls to the floor gravely wounded. Was the intruder a nervous thief…a deceived wife…a quashed business competitor…or a disgruntled mistress?”

Murder in Leather Town

In the early 1900s a small city near Boston is famous for being the largest leather manufacturing area in the world. But as the century progresses it’s becoming known for something it can’t live with – the multiple murders of innocent teenage girls over a period of 60 years.