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Don E. Finegold, after nearly fifty years as an executive and Tanner in the New England Leather Industry, retired and began a new career that he had long awaited—writing murder mystery novels. 1st Books Library published his first novel, Interlude, in 2002, a tale of wealth, corruption, and murder. His other murder mystery novels include The PactThe Pemberton Murders, and The Investigator.

A graduate of The Oxford School of Business Administration, Cambridge, MA and Lowell Technological Institute, Lowell, MA, Mr. Finegold continues in his favorite realm, the murder mystery novel. He always wanted to be a murder mystery writer, but it was not until he retired in the late nineties that Peabody native Don E. Finegold found the time to do so.

Explains the 78-year-old Finegold, who spent his life in the leather industry before his retirement: “Some people retire and don’t do much; I write books. I’ve got 10 more of them in me.” He and his wife Elaine reside in Salem, MA, Conway, NH, and
Boynton Beach, FL.