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Don E. Finegold

Author Don E. Finegold loves a mystery. He enjoys using his imagination to conjure up novels that are exciting, provocative, relate events that arouse the reader’s curiosity while being a quick, comfortable read. He wants the reader to enjoy the casual flow of words that lead to all sorts of adventures.

cover art of the novel "Interlude"

His first novel, “Interlude,” (2001-2002), introduces characters who live with wealth – and turmoil. Infidelity, greed, jealousy, and hatreds abound within a group of privileged people and may be the reason for a violent attack—and a murder. Detective Murray searches for the answers to reap justice upon the aristocrats he despises.

I read your website & just had to sit down & send you greetings. I have read several of your novels, and I am enthralled by each of them. it has been many years since living in the Boston area and your books give me an opportnity to revist my home town and areas. I look foward with great anticipation to each book. Who knows..? I may even recognize myself in one of them someday. Sincerely, an avid fan!

Audrey Madans, Charlotte NC
cover image of the novel "The Pact"

Finegold’s second novel, “The Pact,” (1998-2003), introduces three young men, raised in the Boston area by intolerant parents, who all exhibit cavalier attitudes while planning and performing terrible injustices. Is one—or are two—or are all three young men involved in a spree of killings that take place in a space of 12 years in a normally complacent twin-city area on the North Shore of Massachusetts in the 1950s and 1960s? Each youth has his own secret agenda, and a number of provocative incidents occur as two determined, dedicated detectives try to sort out the answers. 

cover image of the novel "The Pemberton Murders"

Novel number three, “The Pemberton Murders”, (2006), relates the tale of a woman living with the onus her husband was a serial killer, who disappeared and is on the lam. She alone believes in his innocence, and that he was a victim himself rather than the killer. In the 1990’s she reads about new tools the authorities are using – DNA and forensic science advances – and convinces a former detective on the case – now a private investigator – to search out what really happened. Everyone was in for a surprise.

cover image of the novel "The Investigator"

In his fourth novel, The Investigator,” (2007), Finegold introduces a new protagonist, a female private investigator with a mysterious upbringing. Samantha Robbins is someone special. “She’s no statuesque beauty, but rather a diminutive Venus.” She’s special because she possesses a sixth sense. She and her friend, Detective Arthur Lite, team up unofficially to thwart a terrorist attack and catch a serial killer.

cover image of the novel "Revenge"

Novel number five, Revenge,” (2008), is an intricate tale depicting the end-game of a long-lasting animosity between two wealthy, egotistical men. Private Investigator Samantha Robbins prevents mayhem and murder in this fast-moving tale of sex and killing.

cover image of the novel "Secrecy and Deception"

In novel number six, Secrecy and Deception,” (2009), PI Samantha Robbins faces new challengers. Along with local police and the FBI, she faces a well-entrenched Boston mobster group. It takes all of Samantha’s abilities to unravel the twists of a demented killer.

cover image of the novel "The Rose Petal Murders"

In novel number seven, The Rose Pedal Murders,” (2010), Samantha Robbins faces a psychopathic killer bent on killing women for one reason—because they are a woman. Each victim is strangled and marked by a signature—a rose petal stuffed in a nostril! The killer is bent on leaving his mark on a world he detests, and he’s saving his most important victim for last. Bodies are piling up around Samantha, and she may be next!

cover image of the novel "The Israeli Caper"

Lucky volume number eight, “The Israeli Caper” (2012). The kidnapping of the wife of a Greek billionaire on vacation in Israel brings psychic Private Investigator Samantha Robbins to Jerusalem to assist in her rescue. Samantha must not only deal with frustrated, skeptical Israeli police but with the irate husband of the kidnapped woman. The knowledge that Mafia individuals may be involved only increases the complexities Samantha faces. When the kidnappers flee to the United States, the hunt continues and more people die. Devious, murderous individuals attempt to outwit one another, and broken promises and double dealings become the name of the game.

cover image of the novel murder in leather town

Novel number nine, “Murder in Leather Town” (2013). In the early 1900s, a small city near Boston is famous for being the largest leather manufacturing area in the world. But as the century progresses it’s becoming known for something it can’t live with – the multiple murders of innocent teenage girls over a period of 60 years. Some of the girls are viciously molested, others brutally strangled, and most are deposited in the same location, near midtown, in a narrow, factory-polluted river. Is there a reason? Is there a message? One intelligent investigator spends much of his career hunting for the answers.

cover image of the novel "Murder in the Making"

Novel number ten, “Murder in the Making” (2015). Psychic Private Investigator Samantha Robbins appears in her sixth novel, Murder in the Making, ready and willing to combat Boston mob boss Manny Antonelli again. But it’s not that simple. Manny has a private detective watching her, breaking into her office surreptitiously on a weekly basis to check on her activities that concern him. He’s seeking a way to do her harm—permanent harm—that won’t be tied to him. But there are other factors involved in both camps that have to be considered, and each party works to gain the advantage. Then the New York mob steps in, with their own ideas how the situation should be handled, and creates a realm of uncertainty as to how the situation will wind up. There are no easy answers…but murder is one of them.