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Donald E. Finegold


Secrecy and Deception

Secrecy and Deception Book CoverSecrecy and Deception, a Samantha Robbins mystery novel, pits the FBI and local police authorities from several cities against a well-entrenched Boston mob dealing in gambling, prostitution, drugs and MURDER.

Samantha Robbins, the clairvoyant Private Investigator from Pemberton and her talented husband, Stanton Detective, Arthur Lite, are once more called into action to help solve a slew of murders that take place on the Massachusetts's North Shore. It takes Samantha and her clairvoyant ability to unravel the twists of a demented killer.

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The Pact by Donald E. Finegold


REVENGE is an intricate tale depicting the end-game of a long-lasting animosity between two wealthy, ego-driven men. Each one devises a plan to deal with the other by brutal means. The talented, clairvoyant Private Investigator, Samantha Robbins, attempts to prevent mayhem – and murder!